What Does Digital Transformation Actually Mean for Retail?

In a recent BDO survey of major retailers, 54% of respondents said that increasing operational efficiency via digital transformation was one of their top 3 business goals.

But what does the phrase “digital transformation” really mean to retail?

In SimpliField's latest webinar, we speak with global leaders who have actually led digital transformation initiatives and driven complex implementations for some of the largest retail organizations in the world, including Johnathan Tate (Chief Data Officer at LP Corporation and former Director of Strategic Enterprise Data at both Nike and Walmart), Liza Amlani (Principal, Retail Strategy Group, formerly of Accenture, Ralph Lauren and Club Monaco), and Jeremy Katz, SimpliField’s VP of Customer Success.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What digital transformation actually means for most brands and retailers
  • Where leaders tasked with implementing transformation can get started today
  • Practical tips on how to implement the steps required to drive real change
  • How to think about and communicate about digital transformation internally