SimpliField Retail Reset Webinar: How Global Retailers are Getting Back to Business

All around the world, retailers and brands are either re-opening their businesses or planning how to do so safely and smartly. But what should re-opening look like? How should retailers adjust to new market realities and regain trust of consumers and employees so that they can survive and thrive?

In this webinar, SimpliField Founder and CEO Ben Zenou is joined by Jodi Watson, formerly CMO of Petco and President, Consumer Direct at Wolverine Worldwide; Luca Calcamucchio, Global Director of Retail Experience at Charlotte Tilbury; and Romain Vidal, VC and Partner at CapHorn (and member of the NRF Innovation Advisory Committee). Please join us for a frank discussion on the current state of retail as we know it, and how leaders should respond.

Watch the video below to learn:

What should re-opening look like and how should companies plan properly for all the uncertainties?

How should companies be thinking about health and safety concerns?

What experts and resources should retailer leaders look to help determine the best path forward?

How can brands and retailers remain agile to prepare for and adjust to all of the uncertainty around demand forecasting?

What have we learned so far from essential retailers and stores that have reopened and how would that impact what you do in the future?